Wednesday, August 14, 2013

IGMA Guild Show 2013 Review

IGMA Show 2013 Review

The International Guild of Miniature Artisans held its annual show in August this year. The Guild Show traffic seemed light probably due to many people on summer vacation which gave me a chance to do some shopping of my own. Buyers who decided to skip this show missed out on some great purchasing opportunities! Besides that fact that you did not have to elbow your way in to see a table, there were also no lines to wait to pay for items which allowed for more browsing & buying time!  I found a few amazing buys and I was first to get them!  First was Miyuki Kobayashi's fantastic koi fish in a bowl. For any of you familiar with her work it is usually scooped up and sold out in a matter of minutes! I kid you not! However, this time I got just the fish I wanted. An adorable speckled goldfish known as a shubunkin. I decided to name my little fish Confetti, his Japanese name is Konpeitō which is a japanese confetti candy. Note to self, must try to make konpeito in miniature. It was a real treat to see Miyuki here at the Guild Show representing her own work and others as part of the Japan Miniature Artisans Guild. 

Speaking of food, I can never seem to get enough and I am always drawn to my fellow foodies. I picked up a few prized items from the very talented Ann Caesar, The Kitchen Captive. An amazing american pie filled with blueberries and cherries. a wonderful cherry pie with a unique twisted lattice and a pedestal dish filled with butter curls, croissants and strawberries. Since Ann does not sell online, finding her at one of the few shows she vends at was special occasion. 

Next I visited a brand new dealer Elizabeth Murta from Betinha Murta Miniatures. She traveled from Florida to be here and what a delight! Her colorful creations in cold porcelain were amazing and I had to have a polka dotted plate in almost every color she offered. They will be the perfect backdrop for my bakery items! I had to have the darling tea set she made in cheerful, sunny yellow. Just look at that tiny butterfly, what nice touch. She also had some darling shoes and handbag sets which i meant to buy and forgot to go back. I'll have to get that next time.

Finally I selected an adorable nutcracker from Ginger Landon Siegel which is going to be part of my Christmas hutch display backdrop. He is just too cute! Ginger has such a variety of sizes and different nutcracker designs that it was hard to choose. I also wished I picked up one of Ginger's new items, a small scale victorian tub they were fabulous! Ginger, let's talk!

I wanted to take a few classes but the ones I was interested in were both filled and the one that was available conflicted with my booth set up time. Maybe next year...

I was able to sit in for the Guild's live auction which was rather interesting for the historical items offered. There was some good wine and delicious chocolates in addition to the amazing selling prices for many of the items on the auction block. 

I was unable to attend the Friday evening festivities because I had to go back home for part of my booth display and I got caught in some bad traffic. I missed out on what sounded like a great time from those who attended.

I briefly looked at the few Guild School prototypes on display for next years classes. The two items that really spoke to me was Deb Mackie's amazing tooled leather saddle (what a show piece!) and Bob Hurd's copper sink. Although I have not yet decided what classes I want to take, these will be a consideration.  Yes, I will definitely be going to The Guild School in 2014! It is summer camp for grown ups. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pierrot Toy Doll Workshop

Pierrot Prototypes
I am teaching a new workshop which I debuted at The Guild School this year -- an adorable French Pierrot toy doll. In addition, making decorative base is now part of this class so your doll can stand upright on the floor or countertop. This class is for all skill levels. 

I received wonderful feedback from each and every student who attended my class. The photo montage showcases the work of the students. 

For more information and to Sign Up see the Show Schedule on my website. The only other opportunity to attend this class this year, is at Molly Cromwell's Tyson Corner Show in Virginia October 19, 2013. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Ready for The Guild School

I am getting ready to attend The Guild School in Castine, Maine for the first time this year. I will be teaching a seminar on Monday night for those of you attending. My seminar class is a cute, make-and-take French Pierrot clown based on my jester kit design. 

I am looking forward to learning some new skills in both metal and woodworking as well as sharing with fellow miniaturists from around the world, the lobster beach bar-b-que and some great nautical inspirations from the Maine coast.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

What better way to ring in the New Year than a waterfront table outside at the Chart House Restuarant in Florida.
It was such a difficult year and I am eager to put it behind me. Between the stalled enconomy and hurricanes, let's wash it away with some bubbly and get on with the renewal.

I will be taking my miniature business to new levels this year with the quantity of items I offer while continuing to offer the best customer service possible. Cheers!

Monday, July 9, 2012

I have more and more sales to international customers and thought it would be fun to show a map of all the places my miniatures have been sent to (shown in green). Is your country highlighted? Click the map to view it larger.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I decided to reopen my eBay store. I have filled it with items normally only available if you visited me at one of my miniature shows. I am sure this will please many of my followers who live too far away to travel to the shows. I now have items like individual, loose cookies, greeting cards, candies and more. See whats available now at Diane Paone Miniatures

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Delicious Ideas, NYC Eats

What better way to see New York than this Etsy Treasury curated by PeacockBeads, eat your way through New York! Yummy! My Black and White cookie cuff links fit perfectly with street vendor pretzels, dirty water dogs, New York style cheese cake, bagels, pizza, and of course the big apple itself.

PeacockBeads has some lovely beaded earrings in beautiful styles. Love the featured Tanzanite cube earrings! If you want a little style in team colors for those autumn football games, have a look at the items in her shop.

My item featured in the treasury: Noshing my way through NYC